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Music Unlimited was born from the idea that all learners are different, that students should be trusted with their own education, and building self-directed learning tools with friends, mentors and an inspiring community becomes a holistic approach to music learning. 


We aim to create an intentional culture of Multidimensional Knowledge Exchange (MKE), where our students feel confident and empowered to learn from one another, creating an ideal environment that fosters collaboration and growth. 

Let’s start with the term education. In everyday language, people tend to equate education with schooling, which leads one to think of education as something that is done to students by teachers. Teachers educate and students become educated. Teachers give an education and students receive this gift. But any real discussion of education requires us to think of it as something much broader than schooling.


Education can be defined broadly in a number of ways. A useful definition for our purposes is this: Education is the sum of everything a person learns that enables that person to live a satisfying and meaningful life. This includes the kinds of things that people everywhere more or less need to learn, such as how to walk upright, how to speak their native language, how to get along with others, how to regulate their emotions, how to make plans and follow through on them, and how to think critically and make good decisions.


Given this definition of education, Self-Directed Education is education that derives from the self-chosen activities and life experiences of the person becoming educated, whether or not those activities were chosen deliberately for the purpose of education.


Thanks to the Alliance for Self-Directed education for their work. The original text belongs to the alliance and can found here. 

Education is the sum of everything a person learns that enables that person to live a satisfying and meaningful life.

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Music Unlimited, LLC was founded in April of 2012 by music educator/entertainer, Joseph E Reed. During his transition out of the traditional schooling system, he was learning about the importance of play, and learner-based education models like the Sudbury Valley School. Since there were none of these schools in Atlanta at the time to support, Joseph decided to start his own facility based on their ideals, but emphasizing music.

Joseph holds a B.A. in Music from Colorado State University where he studied vocal performance, composition, and music education. He specializes in guitar, violin, piano, music theory, and performance.  He is also a skilled and producer, arranger, and songwriter. An accomplished entertainer, he performs a variety of styles including Pop, Hip Hop, Country, and Alternative Rock.


"I think these gifts could be handled so much better in environments dedicated to care, respect, trust and relationships."

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"The cool thing is: the goal is not to learn, the goal is to enjoy. Learning is just a byproduct."

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Patricia Zavala is a Mexican expat living in Atlanta since 2015 with her family. She holds a B.A. in Communications from ITESM. An unschooling mom, self-taught graphic designer, and marketing professional, she believes in self-directed education as a path of liberation from systems of oppression and a journey of introspection, self-knowledge, and self-love. Patty is a co-founder of Music Unlimited where her main focus is on marketing and communications. Patty is also MU's photographer and Social Media Manager.

She is learning piano and vocals using Music Unlimited's method and using these experiences to continue creating tools, opportunities, and dynamics for self-directed learners like herself. 


She currently serves as Board President at the Sudbury School of Atlanta, a  democratic, mixed-age, self-directed school in Atlanta, GA. 






Special thanks to all the fantastic people we have met along the way, those who believe in self-directed education, and that support Music Unlimited's vision of the world.


For inspiring us to continue creating an environment of fun learning; for sharing your space, your resources, network, or just spreading the word. Thank you.

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