What are your rates?

Rates vary depending on the service you want. In-person sessions start at $100/hr. 30 and 120 minute sessions are available.
One on one Skype lessons start at $40/half hour.
​Please call or email for more details and options.

Is it too late form me to start playing music?

No. It is never too soon or too late to begin the life-changing journey through the world of music! Many adult learners have never played music before. Others haven't touched their instruments in years. Whatever your level, we can help you reach your dreams.

Do you do recitals or other performances?

Music Unlimited participants have been finding opportunities to perform at various venues and events in their communities. These include coffee shops, neighborhood festivals, or sometimes just karaoke! As we grow, more suggestions for how to play and share our music with others arise. Preparing for these performances helps the musicians set short term goals to help focus their practice and provides a memorable reward for all their hard work.

How long will it take to learn an instrument?

Within a few weeks, you’ll be feeling a lot more comfortable and may be surprised how much you’ve already learned – but it takes time to develop the patience, dexterity, knowledge, creativity, and coordination of a true musician. It also takes passion and commitment. At Music Unlimited, we appreciate the wonderful uniqueness of each person and trust that when the time is right, your musical dreams, like seeds planted and watered, will blossom and flourish.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

If you need to cancel or change the date or time of any session please do so at least 24 hours in advance by phone and/or email. Music Unlimited does not offer make-up lessons. 30 days notice is needed when discontinuing monthly sessions.