"Groove Sessions" is what we call our 6-week program. It is a block of sessions where participants get to meet once a week to play, share, and learn together.  

It is a space and a moment where we are free to explore, play with the instruments, play with each other, and receive mentorship by experienced musicians. Don't think of this as a class where a teacher will tell you what the lesson is about. Think about it more like getting together with a group of friends to enjoy learning and spending time together. 

We encourage support and companionship by providing tools and fun practices that make MKE possible, a flow of information where everyone participating is enjoying themselves, practicing music, cooperation, consent, boundary-setting, and listening. 

Intentional learning communities value authenticity and collaboration, as a way to learn and teach from each other. Sometimes this happens through jam sessions, classes, or workshops; sometimes through conversations and modeling, sometimes through play and interaction. 

Intentional learning communities value authenticity and collaboration, as a way to learn and teach from each other. Sometimes this happens through jam sessions, classes, or workshops; sometimes through conversations and modeling, sometimes through play and interaction. 

Each 2-hour session is structured in a loose and open way, which allows ease into each session. Participants are encouraged to bring in new instruments, songs, concepts, and ideas; listen to others, and contribute and collaborate with each other's learning.


Some days the participants might choose to spend time by themselves working on something, other days they might choose to collaborate, ask the facilitator for a class or exercises in a specific thing, or just opt-out of participating and sitting in contemplation and observation of what others are doing. 

Participants then get an opportunity to explore different learning practices, practice meeting their needs and learning what works best for them to structure their timeframes, and goals.  

There are so many ways in which a student can choose to participate during a session. Self-directed education allows an ebb and flow of energy, interests, and directions which can look very different from day to day.

Here are some of the ways in which our students enjoy participating during a groove session:


  • Making suggestions about activities to do during a session (For example, suggesting a topic for a lesson, a new activity, a particular focus, etc.) 

  • Walking around the room connecting with others

  • Sitting out

  • Playing Musicards 

  • Requesting a 1-on-1 with the facilitator to navigate a particular topic

  • Jamming 

  • Dancing

  • Singing

  • Playing a musical instrument they know well 

  • Borrowing an unfamiliar instrument and playing with it

Our sessions will always have an experienced musician (facilitator), check-in (or stand-up) where each participant is invited to share with the group, a jam session, and the freedom to decide how this day will look like based on the goals, and expectations set by the students. From time to time, we have guest experienced musicians that join and participate in the session, this allows a great opportunity to connect, learn and maintain a flow of new concepts and ideas. 

We strive to create mixed-age and cross-skilled groups, where participants can experience a culture of Multidimensional Knowledge Exchange or MKE, which is the constant flow of knowledge and information, by gathering people with different experiences and skill levels to help support and grow each other.

Our three main tools to facilitate sessions are:

  1. Group Dynamics

  2. Self-directed, play-based learning

  3. Trust





Group Dynamics

Effective communication that leads to collaboration. Participation, feedback, and collaboration is non-judgmental, encouraging, and focuses on constructive communication rather than coercion or punitive actions.


Self-directed, play-based learning

Focuses on providing safe welcoming experiences channeling the participant’s curiosity towards further learning. It is not a coincidence that it is said you are learning to "play" a musical instrument. At the end of the day, the key behind success is the passion that drives the talent.



Trusting the participant’s innate ability to pursue their curiosity in a playful, joyful manner will also allow the participants to trust themselves and with the right tools for goal-setting, the participants stay curious, engaged, motivated, and learn in a meaningful, healthy way.

Skills Developed on the Program

On top of learning a musical instrument, participants will develop skills that will allow them to become self-directed learners.


  • Self-driven mindset

  • Motivation

  • Empathy

  • Community building

  • Communication skills

  • Active listening

  • Independent learning

  • Respect (towards self & others)

  • Cooperation, collaboration & patience (teamwork)

  • Knowledge exchange

  • Creative thinking

  • Research skills

  • Habit-forming skills

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Gathered & Grounded

Tuesdays 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

All skill levels welcome, ages 7+. 

6-week program: $230

Includes six 2-hour group sessions, souvenir individual photography, 1-hour one-on-one session (scheduled individually to your convenience).

Single Session: $30

Per 2-hour session*. You can pay in advance here, or pay the day of the class via cash, website or Ca$happ. 

*We can't guarantee space and musical instrument availability on drop-in students. Please pay in advance to secure a spot.


Registration Process

1- Complete registration form

2- Pay online 

3- Recieve confirmation 

4- You're in! Let's jam. 


Parking & Directions

Our Sessions will be held at Gathered & Grounded, a wonderful space in Decatur that holds space for holistic positive and supportive mental, emotional, social, and physical health services for youth and those who care for them. It is located inside the ACME building which has great free, safe, parking. 

Gathered & Grounded 

ACME building

533 West Howard Avenue
Decatur, GA, 30030
United States


What is the average group size?

We try to maintain small groups that allow for peacefull collaboration and contribution. Usually between 8 to 13 people.

What are the ages for this event?

We encourage mixed-age learning, and value all the possible experiences that a mixed-age environment can provide. This group is for students 7 and up, who choose to participate in our sessions themselves. We do not force anyone to participate and navigate as a group instances of disruptive behavior. It's all about respect, collaboration, and communication!

Are most of the participants very experienced?

Absolutely not! We create cross-skilled groups where all levels of experience are welcome. Some students have been practicing for years while other just began. Because of the self-directed nature of our program this often leads to personal growth and development in skills and techniques. Play, share, learn!

Do I need to bring my own instrument?

You definitely can! If you already have an instrument you'd like to use, it is helpful for you to bring it, so you get to use it and feel more comfortable with it. But if you don't have one, you're not sure what you want, or simply you don't want to bring it, that is okay too. We will have instruments available for you. Some of the instruments you might find during the Groove Sessions are: Acoustic and electric guitar, bass, violin, viola, drums, shakers, tambourines, keyboards, and more!