About the Course:

This online group Music Theory course is perfect for you if you want to become faster and more confident on your musical instrument(s) of choice. It enhances the learning of every instrument: guitar, piano, voice, saxophone, ukulele, etc!

You will understand the “WHY” behind the music you’re playing and enjoying.

You will get a firm grasp on how to identify and use the scales, chords, and intervals you need to improve your sight reading, improvisation, composing, analyzation, arranging skills and more!

You will NOT be pressured to memorize long lists of concepts and information. Instead you will learn the most important basics that will enable you to go as far as you want.

We follow a very logical order, so the program will take you far less time than other methods.

Through the Musicards music theory card game (invented by Mr. Reed) memorization and mastery is fun and easy!

And the games can be played with other musicians so you can have more fun while you encourage one another.


The 6 Week Online Group Program:

Start date To be announced.

Each session lasts about 1 hour and includes an easy lesson and fun games to practice the concepts while playing with others.


Your investment:

$50 / session X 6 =$300

$100 one time amount for supplies (Musicards deck and game rules)...FREE with purchase of course.


Total value: $400

Your total investment: $300



100% Money Back Guarantee:

If you participate in all of the program activities and are not satisfied with this course, I will return your investment. You are also not obligated to return any materials or supplies.




About your instructor:


Joseph E. Reed studied vocal performance and music education at Colorado State University, graduating with honors. He has always excelled at music theory due to his creative, gamelike memorization approaches. He was the music theory help “go-to-guy” for his classmates in college.


Joseph is an avid gamer. He loves card games (rummy, poker, spades, solitaire, etc) as well as sudoku, kakuro, word puzzles, and board games.


He successfully taught hundreds of students in his 25+ year career as a music educator.


He composes and performs a wide variety of instruments (violin, guitar, piano, voice, low brass, woodwinds) and genres (Country, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Rock, Jazz and more). His knowledge of music theory has been his greatest asset when it comes to learning new songs or new instruments.

Musicards Music Mastery Course

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